Custom Build/Tear Downs

Custom Build

At Grant Homes, we enjoy helping Clients create the home of their dreams. Building a Custom Home is a detailed process with many decisions along the road to completion. Grant Homes works side by side with you every step of the way facilitating this process and making it fun and exciting. Our approach to Professional Construction Management allows you to play an active role in the building process by providing you with a Financial Road Map to guide you through all the phases of the design build process. We make sure that your individual tastes are realized in each phase, while we closely monitor your budgetary goals versus your actual costs.

  1. Site Acquisition – Whether you want to build on one of our lots or already own a piece of property, or want us to find you an ideal homesite, Grant Homes will assist you. Many homebuyers elect to tear down existing homes and build new ones in order to get the location they desire. With vacant land growing scarce in highly sought after communities that we work, we have developed a track record of successful projects of this type.
  2. Site Planning – After a lot is selected, a site plan is developed and the building parameters of your lot are determined with input from you, the Engineer and the Builder. Grant Homes will then help you design the layout of your house. Things we consider might include the following: the traverse of the sun, natural topography of the land, existing trees, garage placement, and privacy. We will discuss each decision with you and the ideal orientation of your home dependent on the priority you put on each of these criteria. In addition, there are town ordinances that must be complied with that must be folded into the list of factors to consider. These zoning ordinances and restrictions vary by town and our experience of building in over 25 townships is invaluable to this process.
  3. Home Design – Once site location and orientation have been established the design of your dream home begins. This process involves you, the Grant Homes Staff, the Interior, Designer, and the Architect. Since every home is unique, we work with highly skilled and experienced architects who are very familiar with meeting the needs of the Client, while incorporating unique and artistic details in a home design. We work with you to create a concept plan before retaining an architect. Then, a retainer is required for the architect to create a complete set of conceptual drawings.
  4. Construction Management/Open Book Pricing Proposal – When we assist our Clients with custom homes, we work with an Open Book Pricing Program also known as Construction Management cost plus fee based services. This program allows you to control the budget by working directly with the Builder and Architect on design and its impact on the budget. You have the opportunity to control the budget in a sophisticated, phase-by-phase over view of the project. A 15 page Estimating Worksheet is completed which establishes a budget for every phase of the project, as well as the project.
  5. Enter Into a Contract to Build – Once the concept plans and the Estimating Worksheet are agreed upon, a contract is executed for building your custom home.
  6. Approve Final Construction Drawings – Once your vision is approved in the blueprint phase, and building permits are issued, construction commences.
  7. Selection Process – At Grant Homes, you will find the selection process thoroughly organized and carefully documented. You will work with our Vice President of Production as well as our Interior Designer who will guide you through the selection process and assist you with the completion of our Customer Home Selection Report.
  8. Home Construction – Grant Homes will build your home using the highest quality materials your budget permits. We will finish your home in the most timely and efficient manner possible. During the building process, we realize you may want to make some changes along the way and we will accommodate these changes as they arise. In addition to Jay Grant’s personal involvement, our Director of Operations ensures that communication and information reaches you and all concerned parties on a timely basis. Additionally, a Senior Project Manger is assigned to construct your home and is readily available for any questions at site meetings.
  9. Schedule Closing – After your home is completed, a time and day is scheduled for a final inspection and for the closing. You can expect quality customer care before, during, and after the construction of your home with Grant Homes. Grant Homes provides a ten-year homeowner warranty.

Tear Downs

At Grant Homes we have the experience of tearing down existing homes and building new ones.