Letters from Clients

March 15, 2021

My husband and I were just talking this morning, and we discussed the best decision we made this week is hiring you for our whole house makeover and addition. We are so glad we chose Grant Homes as our builder.

~A Harding Township Resident~

July 2, 2020

Hi Jay,

We selected Grant Homes to build our custom home and could not be happier with our choice.  Building a home can be a challenging experience, but the collaborative approach Grant Homes has established allowed for a well-organized and smooth construction process.

Their Open Book and Builder Management Fee Business Models were a win-win arrangement that allowed me to see where every project dollar was spent.  This ensured that Jay and I were on the same page from Day One through Completion.  The team’s focus on my budget made me feel very comfortable that I was consistently receiving great value for the phases where my selections had the greatest impact on my total budget.”

If you are looking for a company with years of expertise who excels in craftsmanship and focuses on the smallest details, we highly recommend Grant Homes for your next project. Thank you to the Grant Homes team for helping bring our vision to life and building our dream home.

Kevin O.

January 2020

Hi Jay,

I fell in love with the house the moment I walked through the front door. I had been searching for the perfect house for a quite a long time when we came across a beautiful house that Grant Homes built in Princeton. The design, the layout, the attention to detail within all spaces… all beautiful. Jay and the architect worked together to design a magnificent home and was built with the highest quality of material. I was fortunate to find a spec house that met all my qualifications for my dream home. Jay was great about staying in touch after we moved in and answering all our questions. We are very happy with our new home and highly recommend Grant Homes.

Maria K.

November 14, 2019

Hi Jay,

We are delighted with our home which was built by Grant Homes. We chose Grant Homes because of the full-suite of services and longtime experience with custom home building. When we made the decision to tear down an old house on the property and build a new house, we needed someone who could walk us through budget, planning, design, and construction while keeping a constant eye on budget! Our project included identifying the right property, the design process (with Jay’s architect) planning the construction of a new home and pool. Working with Jay and his architect during the design process was a great experience. Jay was able to keep our design in line with our budget as he had the experience needed in estimating the construction specific to our project.

A great feature of the Grant Home build process is their open-book pricing. There was no mystery with how our money was being spent and the flexibility was there when we wanted to save budget dollars. The whole process was unexpectedly fun! We thoroughly enjoyed working with Jay and his crew. I’d highly recommend Grant Homes to anyone interested in building a custom home. What to others is often a painful experience was a wonderful experience for us!


October 28, 2016

Hi Jay,

It was nice speaking with you this morning. Thanks very much for listening to us and for taking care of the situation. We really appreciate how promptly this has been handled. We love the house and are very happy in it and everyone who comes over loves it and wants to move in. We’re still adding to it and Trish is still decorating but if you ever want to take a look feel free to come on by.

Paul, Client

October 20, 2016

Hi Jay & Lauren,

Must say we love everything so far!!! My husband and my kids have seen the progress in stages and we are very happy!! Thank you so so much for renovating our home!!!!


Dear Jay

People ask me all the time if all of the house planning and decision-making are overwhelming and I tell them “no” because you guys really compartmentalize everything and break it down so it is manageable. That really helps! Reaffirms our wonderful decision to go with Grant Homes in the first place.


Hi Lauren,

Tuesday at 10 AM is on my calendar. The house looks wonderful and Bob and I are over the moon. We’re really starting to get excited about the finished product. Thanks to all of you for such a beautiful home.

See you on Tuesday. Have a great weekend.




B and I went to the house today to see the progress. The house was pristine and so much work had been done for painting. Saw the new floor in the downstairs bathroom and the finished master, and the kitchen fireplace assembled and the new fireplace in the bedroom. They are SOOOOO gorgeous! WOW! I’m so pleased with everything, as is B. Special thanks to Lauren for your guiding hand in picking the three fireplaces. They truly make the house. We are so excited…. Can’t wait for completion.

B and I are going to look carefully at the porch option and will get back with our choice by tomorrow night.

Happy Holidays



Next house we build, God willing, please show me this email. Georgia, shut up and use only the subcontractors Jay recommends. No exceptions.


Dear Jay,

As a result of a fire that destroyed our home, we were thrust into the home construction business. Having some ten plus years of personal experience in building and production coordination, coupled with the fact that everything I had known was lost in the fire, it was vital to me to find a contractor who knew their business well, so that my family would not have to worry about the actual building of our new home.

After months of interviewing too many contractors to mention, my final decision was to choose Grant Homes as my contractor. My decision was based on your professionalism and attention to detail. I knew what I wanted to see in the final product and your team was very receptive and shared my vision.

The team at Grant Homes was always professional and always made sure deadlines were met. Even more impressive was that the project was completed without delay and my family was able to return to our lives and to a home to be proud of. I want to thank the team at Grant Homes for a job well done. I live by the motto “Life is either a good plan or a good story,” and my partnership with Grant Homes provided a very positive home construction story and one that can be shared with all as proof that there is at least one home builder who cares about the customer.





It was so important to us that the deadline was met. The first seven months of living in our new home have been a wonderful return to normalcy. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for taking care of us.




I showed Jackie the elevation of The Wilson and as predicted she didn’t like the stone and wood combo. She did like the floor plan and we are interested in seeing the pictures inside. I spoke to a friend here last night. He is a custom home builder and we ran into each other at dinner. I told him of our conversation and how I was impressed with your helpfulness and honesty. I was particularly fond of your comment that to cut cost when the land was so pricey, as in Mendham, some builders get it out of the bricks and sticks.

I appreciate your straightforward nature and help with comments on areas you have little interest in, such as Brookrace. So back to the issue, she said if she loves the interior and the neighborhood is good (which means kid friendly) she would look past the stone facade. I showed her your other homes and she was impressed with the detail work as best as we could see. She and I are more straight line and plain people when it comes to fixtures and cabinets. We appreciate good craftsmanship and functionality but prefer the basic rather than ornate.

I am looking forward to the interior pictures and am trying to pick a time to fly up and look at a number of houses. If you have any suggestions of your properties or others, I would welcome the input. Again I know you are in the business of building and selling homes but you are the first that talked straight and didn’t just tell me what you thought I wanted to hear.


Thanks again


Dear Jay,

Now that we are living in our beautiful new house, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you first-hand what a quality organization you have.

From the onset, quality construction was our top priority in choosing a builder. After touring through other Grant Homes, we felt confident that your organization would meet our expectations. Your organization provided us with the best service and advice from the beginning (the selection for the design of the house) to the end of the project.

In building our custom home, we liked being an integral part of the building process and seeing all the contractor’s bids. We felt comfortable with “The Cost Plus” program that enabled us to see all bids and invoices that came in. There was never any question if we were not satisfied with certain bids, we were always able to request additional bids. We found this close relationship with your organization to be fundamental to the success of the project- we were able to deal smoothly and quickly with the multiple choices and complex decisions needed during the building process.

Jay, you were helpful and responsive to our needs and always had our best interest as your first priority. We enjoyed working with you and your organization.


Very truly yours,


Dear Jay,

As we enter the home stretch of the building process of our custom home, I wanted to express our overall satisfaction with everything thus far. The quality of your work was evident to us before signing the contract, as we were able to view other homes in the neighborhood that you had built. We also talked to the owners of these homes and found that they were generally pleased with their building experiences. At this stage in our building process, we can attest to the quality of construction and attention to detail that we had hoped to experience.

After our attorney spoke with you when reviewing the initial contract, he told us that he could not remember a builder, in his experience, that was such a pleasure to deal with, and that if our building process went as smoothly as the contract negotiation, we would indeed be lucky to have chosen your company. It seems he was clairvoyant. The architect you introduced us had great ideas. He listened to all our input and truly made the house our own, taking into consideration not only sound structure and aesthetics, but also the details such as efficiency and furniture placement. He worked carefully and expeditiously to arrive at the plan which reflected just what we wanted.

By giving us your cell phone number, and encouraging us to use it with any questions or concerns, right at the onset of the process, you made us feel as though you would always be accessible. This has proven to be true as you have always responded to our concerns in a prompt manner.

We appreciate that you have had our best interests at heart. You’ve helped us to make decisions that ensure that our money has been spent wisely. You even told us at times, not to spend money on certain items, that you thought in your experience were not necessary. From the beginning we have felt comfortable in your hands, with your breadth of building expertise as well as your sound and fair business sense.

Your staff has been equally responsive. Both your Project Manager and Customer Service Manager, with whom I have worked extremely closely, were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They always received my calls in a positive manner, and addressed my concerns in a timely fashion, which served to strengthen our builder/client relationship. There has never been a question in their minds that I am the client, and the client gets what the client wants. When you are investing your time and money in your future home, this is important.

People often ask when we’ll be moving into the new house. When I tell them the target date you gave us, they usually say, “So when do you really think you’ll move in?” I respond that I fully expect to be in when our builder told us we’d be in. So far we have hit every target date through the process. We signed our contract just about a year ago. Our architechturals were completed within three months and we broke ground two months later. At this stage, having moved along at a steady pace, we are ready for sheet rock and are right on target to make our projected closing date, four months from now.

We look forward to sitting down to dinner in our new home with you and our architect to toast this momentous collaborative effort.




Dear Jay

Six months into our Grant house, we just wanted to tell you how delighted we are with our new home. The site selection, building plans and construction process were all superb. We felt involved in building the house but we also came to know there were experts around who could turn our plans into reality and help us avoid any first-time building errors. And now that we are all settled in, we really enjoy the layout, the craftsmanship and the quality of details. We also appreciate all the great follow-through: especially the work done by Dave.

You and your team have been totally professional in our dealing and have even gone the extra step in helping us to assimilate into Morris County. Let us know when you start building on the reservoir.



Dear Jay

I wanted to write you a short note to thank you for the effort and diligence you displayed in building our new home. You and your staff were great to deal with over the past six months.

Many people have assumed, having just built a new home that I went over budget, I hate my builder and my marriage is on the rocks- I always respond “NOT TRUE!” While I have to admit to having some trepidation going into the project, I now look back on the experience with nothing but positive recollections. I would (and have) recommended you to a number of people as a responsive, custom-builder who exceeds customer expectations. Please feel free to show our home to prospective clients who want to see the quality of your work.

Thank you again

Very truly yours